As of April 19th, the Public Review Draft Base Plan and Appendices are available for download and review. The Base Plan contains information that is common to all the participating jurisdictions while the Appendices are focused on each individual municipality.

The review period for the Public Review Draft will officially close on Friday, May 6th. However, please be aware there will be additional opportunities to participate in the update of the plan.

Contact information for questions or providing comments is included at the beginning of each of the Public Review Draft Appendices.

Cumberland County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Base Plan

  1. Cumberland County Appendix
  2. Bridgeton City Appendix
  3. Commercial Township Appendix
  4. Deerfield Township Appendix
  5. Downe Township Appendix
  6. Fairfield Township Appendix
  7. Greenwich Township Appendix
  8. Hopewell Township Appendix
  9. Lawrence Township Appendix
  10. Maurice River Township Appendix
  11. Millville City Appendix
  12. Shiloh Borough Appendix
  13. Stow Creek Township Appendix
  14. Upper Deerfield Township Appendix
  15. Vineland City Appendix