Meeting schedules for county and municipal working groups and opportunities for public involvement will be posted on this page.

All of the Round 2 Working Group Meetings have been completed as of February 9th (2022):

Deerfield Township – October 27th

Stow Creek Township – November 10th

Fairfield Township – November 12th

Lawrence Township – November 15th

Upper Deerfield Township – November 16th

Hopewell Township and Shiloh Borough – November 16th

Downe Township – November 18th

Cumberland County – November 23rd

Greenwich Township – December 6th

Millville City – December 14th

Vineland City – Tuesday, January 18th

Maurice River Township – Tuesday, January 18th

Commercial Township – Wednesday, January 19th

Bridgeton City – Wednesday, February 9th

No other meetings are scheduled as of February 9th.